Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pretty Saucy Neutrella Chili

In case you are unfamiliar with Neutrella (as I was some time ago) they are these soy nuggets you get by the kilo in any kiraana pasal. Sewa and I were deprived of this for long because Ama didn’t like it (she still doesn’t), and never brought any home. The first time we tasted neutrella inside momos in Damak, Sewa went berserk and claims it was the best dumpling she ever had. Well, neutrella still isn’t dunked with potatoes in a curry in our home, but at least now I am quite comfortable with it. The idea for this recipe begins from Renu’s Saandheko Neutrella, which was Neutrella boiled and spiced. And I was about to make the same when Kaka said, make Neutrella Chili instead. It sounded good, and though I tried it with trepidation, all my office girls said it was awesome. I found no working recipes online, so made it up as I went (and it is really easy).

All things needed:

Neutrella (that has been squeezed like hell), sauce, tomatoes, chili, onion, potatoes, and  you're done!

1. Neutrella: Around 250 grams should be more than adequate
2. Hot water: Preferably boiling hot. Enough to dunk the soy chunks into
3. Onion: A big one, chopped roughly (but not into small chunks)
4. Chilies: Around three should do, cut into two (or four) vertical slices
5. Sauce: The hot and sour ones are best, around ten spoonfuls or more
6. Tomatoes: Three
7. Boiled and cubed potatoes: Completely optional, recommended if you are an aloo fanatic

Whipping it up:

Drop the neutrellas into a vessel full of water. Let them sizzle and bloat for two minutes. NOTE: Do not leave them lying around in the water, as they will get soggy. The first time I made this dish, I plunged the poor soy nuggets into hot water and kept them there for around ten minutes, and they had soaked up all the water to become lumpy. Also, Prakriti boiled them in a pressure cooked and they turned to pulp.
Neutrellas fizzling away to glory, listen to them in the water to understand what I mean

So, after the two minutes is gone, strain off the excess water, and squeeze the neutrallas one by one. If they begin flaking off, do it gently. It is okay if they seem to have a slightly harder center.
Next, heat oil, and drop the neutrellas into it. They tend to stick a bit, which should not be worrying, just scrape them off and make sure you drain the oil as much as possible.
The procedure after this is just like any other chili recipe. Heat oil (or use the oil left after frying neutrellas). Fry the chili first, then the onion. After the onion begins to turn brownish, add the tomatoes and let it simmer for a while. If you have boiled and cubed potatoes at the ready, mix them in. You can also add the sauce at this stage. Pour in a liberal amount, and also add salt. The sauce should now be of a thick consistency.
Once the sauce begins bubbling up, simply put in the fried neutrellas and stir. It should look red, and spicy, and yummy!  

Yes, I ate the bowlful!

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